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 Hastier, Louis (1955):
La Fille de Madame Royale.
In: Vieilles histoires, Etranges énigmes, page 113-123.
Librairie Arthéme Fayard - Paris

The author deals with a probably daughter of the Madame Royale. On the base of the assertion of 
Anonymous (1919) he searched for more information. In documents he found that Josephine Thiolier was born as an legitimate (!) daughter of Marie Antoinette's former doctor Joseph Thiolier and his wife Elisabeth Relly on the 2/5/1793 in Cressier (Crassier), canton Freiburg in Switzerland. She grew up in Mitau, where her father worked as an doctor (?) for the Duke and the Duchess of Angoulême. After the returning to France, she married the advocate Jean-Paul Plataret on the 29/7/1813. Later, he added the words "de Villeneuve" to his name and Anne-Marie-Josephine Thiolier became to "Madame Plataret de Villeneuve" (P. de V.). On the 25/5/1831 the marriage was divorced. On the 17/4/1881 she died in Privas. On the base of the documents, the author came to the result that Josephine Thiolier was not a daughter of Madame Royale.

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